Aestethic stomatology

Aestethic stomatology

Aesthetic stomatology includes all procedures with which we achieve beautiful and attractive smile, improve facial appearance and also increase self-confidence.

On a person smile is what we notice first.

For those who are not completely satisfied with the looks of their teeth, aesthetic stomatology offers various options and procedures which, if combined, provide excellent results.

Procedures in aesthetic stomatology

Aesthetic fillings

Restoration of teeth damaged with caries or replacement of the old and worn out fillings by using modern composite materials (so-called white fillings) and dental ceramics in order to make direct (manufactured directly within patient’s mouth) and indirect inlays, onlays (made in dental laboratory) that resemble natural tooth in color and in shape.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening Zadar

White and shiny teeth are what we like, but do not see very often. Things like coffee, black wine, smoking, drugs and other substances leave traces on our teeth. That is why we use ZOOM!system for tooth whitening which is safe, effective and quick. In only one visit, within one hour, your teeth will become much whiter. The procedure itself is very simple. It begins with short preparation: mouth and gums are protected and the teeth remain exposed. Than we apply whitening ZOOM gel based on hydrogen peroxide which is especially designed for usage with ZOOM! lamp. In three or four fifteen-minute cycles the gel and the lamp work together and softly infiltrate within teeth removing stains and discolorations.
Tooth whitening with ZOOM! procedure is safe and the controlled way of bleaching. It is necessary to follow the instructions of your dentist after the treatment and properly cultivate teeth in order to keep your smile white and shiny for years.

Whitening of the devitalized tooth

After the extraction of tooth nerve, a tooth eventually becomes darker and turns into an esthetic problem. In that case it is possible to bleach one tooth with internal whitening, with which the harmony of dental line is restored. Internal whitening is a procedure when we inject the gel inside the chamber of the tooth which than enters dentinal tubules and whitens the structure of the tooth from the inside. It is a way to restore natural color of the tooth and usually eliminate the need for making a dental veneer.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are thin ceramic laminates bonded on to the prepared teeth surfaces. Combination of veneers with tooth whitening gives the excellent results. They are ideal for creating a beautiful and radiant smile.

With veneers we can:

  • even superficial anomalies, such as various defects, fractures, marquetry and old unaesthetic fillings
  • solve problems of discolorations when whitening cannot provide the optimal result
  • lengthen and enlarge small, short or time-worn tooth
  • repair smaller defects in position and shape of the tooth
  • to fill (diastema) the gaps between teeth

The advantage of veneers is that they do not require massive grinding of the tooth. Grinding is minimal and removes only a thin layer of enamel to make place for the shell.

Veneers do not change color or darken over the years, they do not erode and they are stable, unlike some composite materials that need to be replaced after a period of time.

Constructing of shells does not cause inflammations or withdrawal of gums.

Therapy with veneers

Therapy with veneers Zadar


Therapy with veneers Zadar