Fixed orthodontic therapy

Fixed orthodontic therapy

Fixed orthodontic appliance is implemented for patients with all permanent teeth (or most of them), including first permanent molars (6-yr molar), and other permanent molars are ideally present. That happens usually at the age of 13, but we stress once again that there are no age limits for the orthodontics! It is important to mention that contemporary fixed orthodontic therapy implies the appliance for both upper and lower jaws with the purpose of aligning the bite and width of dental arches.

Dr. Sunčana Kišić-Merlo is a pioneer in self-ligating technique in the region and has been exclusively using self-ligating brackets (Damon System, Ormco) since 2007. More than a thousand beautiful smiles came out of our polyclinic to adorn not only faces of Zadar, but also of people from all over Europe.

Damon system (self-ligating brackets) used in our polyclinic abides by the following rule: gentle force, greater therapeutic options and faster treatment in comparison to standard systems. Standard systems squeeze the wire inside the bracket and a greater force is required to overcome the friction inside the system, and then additional one as well in order to move the tooth. Self-ligating brackets allow the wire to “float” freely within the bracket requiring a force of less than 30 gr for the initial movement of the tooth. In other words, high-quality arches (wires), which are a part of the technique, direct the teeth slowly but consistently into the desired position, while muscles of your lips, tongue and cheeks participate in the formation of your new dental arch, along with active therapy management, thus giving space for dystopic, retained or rotated teeth. Tooth extraction is not necessary even in most cases of the most acute compressions. The treatment plan is adjusted to the overall appearance of the patient’s face, with regards to the growth, development and changes of the face over the years. The width of smile is harmonized with the width of face, and the same is done with the visibility of teeth and the lip height. We are right to claim this therapy to be a genuine smile design.

Nika Dental Polyclinic fosters a multidisciplinary approach to the therapy, thus combining orthodontic therapy with surgical therapy, implantation treatment or esthetic veneers in some cases.