General stomatology

General stomatology

Aesthetic fillings

When the tooth substance is lost, caused by caries or fracture, we have to compensate it with dental filling.

Old amalgam restorations are outdated. In our polyclinic we use materials of the highest world quality to make dental fillings of the exceptional aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. In dental restoration minimal invasive techniques are used and shaped to reproduce the real teeth.


Endodontics is a branch of stomatology that treats pathological processes within the dental pulp.

When bacteria enter the pulp, it is necessary to eliminate them from the root canal together with the infected pulp. For that purpose we use both manual and electric instruments. In order to provide sterile working environment, cofferdam (a rubber dam) is put on the tooth. After instrumentation, the canals are rinsed, dried and then filled with substitute materials.

Preventive dental medicine

Better safe than sorry...

Preventive dental medicine covers all procedures that prevent diseases of soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity. It decreases development of caries and periodontal diseases.

In order to keep our teeth healthy, we have to follow some simple rules:

  • wash the teeth regularly (at least twice a day for 3 minutes),
  • use dental floss and interdental brush,
  • go for checkups twice a year,
  • eat properly.

Preventive procedures in children include topical fluoridation, mineralization with special pastes and fissure sealing of young permanent teeth.

Prevention in adults includes checkups every six months when it is required to clean the teeth with the ultrasonic instruments and thoroughly examine all existing fillings, prosthetics and gums.