Prices and payment options

Prices and payment options

First check-up
200,00 kn
Fixed orthodontic therapy, DAEMON system, metal braces
15500,00 kn (2070,00 Eur)
Fixed orthodontic therapy, DAEMON system, Clear braces
17400,00 kn (2350,00 Eur)
Fixed retention, mobile (ESIX) retainer included, created by the dental arch
1000,00 kn
Removable orthodontic therapy, monomaxilar
2500,00 kn
Removable orthodontic therapy, TWIN block
5000,00 kn
Headger, as the first phase of therapy
2000,00 kn
Mini screw implant (vector TAS)
1000,00 kn
Diagnostic procedures: analysis of LL and ortopan (photos, analysis of the model on patients request)
1000,00 kn
Metal ceramic crown
1300,00 kn
Non-metal ceramic crown
1500,00 kn
2000,00 kn
Aesthetic ceramic veneer
2000,00 kn
Composite fillings
220,00 kn - 320,00 kn
Placque removal by sandblasting and fluoridation
350,00 kn
Teeth whitening (ZOOM lamp)
2500,00 kn (patients in ortodontic and prosthetic therapy get discount)

Ways and terms of payment

Our policlinic offers a variety of payment options!
CASH: (orthodontic therapy from 12 up to 15 instalments)
CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Master, Maestro...
Diners Club Int. (up to 30 months)
Master Card (Zagrebačka banka, up to 36 months)
VISA (Splitska Banka, up to 24 months)

* When paying by bank loans or credit card loans, please consult your bank / credit company about the possibilities and limits of credit cards and accounts.
** We treat each patient individually and hence for larger prosthetic procedures we can arrange different prices.